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We will be selecting 30 Reviewers!


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What is the difference between the AMBASSADOR PROGRAM and the PRODUCT REVIEW PROGRAM?

The Ambassador program is a program where selected individuals receive commissions from sales using their referral code. 

The Product Review Program is a program where individuals will receive free products in exchange for review videos in order to promote the heimish brand. Applicants will later be transferred to the Ambassador Program 

What are the requirements for this event?
  • Must reside in the United States mainland (due to shipping issues we are not accepting individuals living in US territories).

  • Be familiar with the HEIMISH brand and its products. 

  • Must be an adult (18+years).

  • Must be able to make review videos.

  • Must have an Instagram, Tik Tok, or Youtube account. We will consider engagement and quality of previously posted videos when selecting reviewers.

When is the deadline for applications?

Applications will close on March 31st 23:59 PDT.

When will I hear about the results?

We will notify all applicants on April 1st.

What are the benefits of this event?
  • You have the option to choose up to 3 products that we have selected for this event and are required to upload a review video for the selected products.  

  • You will receive a referral code to earn a 10% commission on sales from individuals that purchase with your code.

What expenses does the applicant have to cover?

The applicant must cover shipping costs.

How many reviewers will be selected?

We are looking for 30 enthusiastic individuals!

We as a brand strive to accentuate an individual’s natural beauty with naturally glowing skin and healthy color tones.

Embrace the essence of Heimish with our meticulously crafted products. Exceptional quality and elegance define our brand's reputation.