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All Clean Balm 50ml
Olivia Henderson (Jonesboro, US)

the best cleansing balm ive ever used!! emulsifies immediately and feels so nice, doesn’t leave the skin tight or dry

All Clean Balm 120ml
Rebecca Fox (Chapel Hill, US)
the absolute best

Heimish All-Clean Balm is the best, gentlest, most thorough cleanser. I'm glad I caught a deal!

Artless Rubycell Puff 5 pcs
Felicia Saad (Chicago, US)

Unfortunately, the puffs are Very small for the tag price. The puffs are useless due to the size. Also, be aware of the return policy is not favorable to the consumer.

Mini Trial Kit
Kayla Hendricks (Highland, US)

Mini Trial Kit

Iman Mirza (Chino Hills, US)
Great but..

While I am happy with the overall process, I wish I had the option to order more than one lipstick of the same kind

***[FREE GIFT] Black Tea Blister 5ml
Nuvia Torres (Las Vegas, US)

Very good

All Clean Balm 50ml
Su Blois (New Milford, US)
Lovely scent, effective balm with essential oils

I received this complimentary in exchange for my honest review. I was very excited to try this because I’d heard it’s great and I was not disappointed. It’s a lightly citrusy scented solid balm that melts into an oil as you massage it into your skin. It takes all my makeup and sunscreen off very well, even mascara. It’s a very gentle way of taking makeup off since I don’t have to rub my eyes with a cotton pad or towel. I like to scoop out about the size of a chickpea and massage it into my dry skin. I lightly massage some into my lashes and eyelids and then let it sit there to break down the eye makeup while I massage it into the other parts of my face. Then I go back to the eyes at the end and lightly massage until my eyelashes feel like there’s no more mascara. Then I wet my hands and massage everywhere again to emulsify the oil. Then I rinse it all off. I like that I am able to open my eyes during the process and it doesn’t sting or make them very blurry.

The scent is really nice. I am not sensitive to essential oils so I am fine with them being in the ingredients. The scent of them makes this feel a little more luxurious than my more basic oil cleansing balms.

The top layer of the balm doesn’t melt down into an oil as well as the rest. I got a few chunks here and there, but once I used enough to get past that top film then the texture was very nice and like a sherbert.

I like that there is a space under the top lid to store the included spatula. It took me a couple times of use to figure out the logistics of scooping with the spatula, then rinsing and drying the spatula with one hand (since the other now had the balm), then putting the lids and spatula back. I don’t really need a spatula tbh, because I always wash my hands before scooping out product, but if you like using a spatula then it’s definitely nice for it to have a little storage place.

My skin feels clean and calm after using this. It’s not that squeaky clean feeling that means my skin is being stripped but it doesn’t leave a film or residue either. It just cleans my skin and leaves it…just plain skin as it should be. It doesn’t leave a fragrance.

If you buy the 120ml this is one of the less expensive oil cleansing balms. It feels luxurious though because of its gentle glide and it’s light, pleasant scent. So as long as you are ok with essential oils then I would recommend this balm.

*note - there is a little of the waterproof eyeliner still left on my hand in the picture. I did this test with 2 other cleansing balms that I own and none of them took it all the way off. I don’t normally wear waterproof eyeliner so I don’t usually have this problem. I also always double cleanse by using a water based cleanser after an oil based one. I also did the test with micellar water and that did take all the eyeliner off.

All Clean Balm 50ml
Cassandra Ruiz (Decatur, US)
Extremely effective

As you may know the Heimish All Clean cleansing balm is an oil-based cleanser so before you do anything remember you'll need a water-based cleanser too to follow up with after using this. A water-based face cleanser I recommend is the Sweet Chef oat milk latte face cleanser (in case you need any ideas), Sweet Chef, is another Korean skincare brand in case you' re wondering. It's very gentle and nourishing, you'll love it.

Obviously this cleansing balm works great for getting makeup off and then cleansing your face. I thought it was surprisingly quite effective! Because you know what I mean, skincare products, often advertise something as makeup melting but sometimes they don't take it off as easily. Heimish's cleansing balm does I could even see it working while I massaged it into my face and had my eyes wide open. No, it doesn't burn though I figured it might, pretty surprising.

The consistency is buttery and it starts to melt upon contact with water and then mixes with your makeup until it comes off. Then once you wash it off you're done. It isn't drying and I found it pretty amazing to tell you the truth. Not only that but their packaging is simple but quite pretty!

Given how good Heimish's cleansing balm is I would be curious to try their other offerings to see if I like anything else.

All Clean Balm 120ml
Erika (Port Orange, US)
Very good

I use it to double clean and it does it’s job nicely every time. It also doesn’t irritate my skin. I love it!

All Clean Balm 120ml
Megan Schisel (Madison, US)
Best cleansing balm ever!

I am absolutely amazed at how well this cleansing balm works! It removes every last drop of makeup, including pesky waterproof mascara. It wipes off the skin nicely with just water, and although I did follow with my regular cleanser, it probably isn’t necessary. My skin feels so clean and refreshed after using this product - it’s definitely the best cleansing balm I’ve ever used!

I highly recommend this product!

***[FREE GIFT] All Clean Balm Blister 5ml
Nuvia Torres (Las Vegas, US)
It was great

Love free gifts

All Clean Balm 50ml
Nuvia Torres (Las Vegas, US)
I have dry skin

This was incredible this made my skin glow

All Clean Balm 50ml
Shante Lee Sanchez (Concord, US)

I’m someone who incorporates a cleansing balm into their skincare routine due to its benefits and also it’s more sustainable compared to makeup wipes.

With that being said I have had my fair share of trying multiple different cleansing balms and have an idea of what I like in a balm and what I don’t like in a balm.
This cleansing balm checks all boxes in things that I love in a product.

The packaging itself had me sold. I love that it comes with a little spatula to get the product out. It’s more sanitary and also makes it easier for me to measure out how much product I need to use. It’s also aesthetically pleasing too :)

Like most cleansing balms it starts off as a solid component, but right away when massaged into the skin it becomes emollient and starts to melt off any product you may have the on the face. I would also like to add that a little bit goes a very long way, so you will definitely get your moneys worth.

Other cleansing balms I have tried typically leave a wax film on the face, this one doesn’t at all. After one use I felt my skin was smooth and hydrated which I feel was due to shea butter being one of the top ingredients.
When using the product I did notice there was a bit of a scent, it wasn’t potent though very subtle and washed right off too.
You can use this over your eyes and lips. It removes all makeup off including sunscreen too.

There is a few essential oils in the balm, but it didn’t leave my skin irritated at all. So I feel this could be good for sensitive skin clients as well.

Overall I enjoy using the All Clean balm. I feel it does what it says it does and leaves my skin feeling All Clean. Highly recommend to anyone who is in the market for a new cleansing balm or a better alternative to makeup wipes.

All Clean Balm 50ml
Madeline Cole (Rio Dell, US)
Worked well for my sensitive combo skin!

The product has a light smell of essential oils. I am chemically sensitive and get headaches from strong fragrances, but this particular scent doesn’t bother me.

The balm is very easy to scoop and applies smoothly to dry skin. It has a lightweight, slightly oily texture than turns milky when rinsed off. It removes my makeup gently and cleanses just as well as my double cleaning products. Even when I rub it over my eyelids to remove mascara, it doesn’t sting my eyes.

After use, there’s no lingering residue and only a light trace of the scent left. It doesn’t irritate my very sensitive skin. Unlike some products, it doesn’t leave my skin feeling squeaky or overstripped. My skin still feels very soft and smooth for hours after using the balm. I still need to apply moisturizer for my dry patches, but it doesn’t make my skin any tighter than washing with water does.

I also like that the jar has a handy tray at the top, so I can store the spoon inside without leaving it in the balm.

I’ll definitely continue to use this product. It’s great for nights when I’m too tired to double cleanse. Now I have a great shortcut to use instead of skipping my routine altogether. It’s also perfect for traveling since the container is compact and I can bring just one product instead of three.

All Clean Balm 120ml
Julian Sass (Durham, US)
A spa like experience

I genuinely haven't used a cleansing balm that's as enjoyable to use as this one. I absolutely love it.

All Clean Balm 120ml
rj (Saginaw, US)
Enjoying it so far

I received it as a free gift and have been using it for about a week. It does what it says it does and does it well. The balm turns into oil texture when rubbed on face and it feels pretty gentle on the skin yet effective. When you try washing it off with just water it turns into a sticky milky texture which is a bit uncomfortable but could be easily wiped off using cotton pads following a regular face cleanser. Overall I’m quite enjoying using this product so far!

All Clean Balm 50ml
Michelle Bvudzijena (Silver Spring, US)
It delivers!

Packaging: The balm comes in a jar, accompanied with a tiny spoon to easily scoop out the product. The lid does not come off all the way, so no chance of losing it. I face no struggle in opening the tub which I like, as I do not appreciate having to struggle with skincare packaging that makes it hard to dispense product.

Consistency/Scent/Color: Slightly solid in nature but with application dissolves quickly into oil then emulsifies into a milky consistency upon rinsing. It has an earthy, herbal scent, but one I did not find overpowering. If a product contains fragrance, my hope is that it is not overpowering, which has been my experience with this balm. I could only detect the scent while applying it. After which upon rinsing, the scent quickly dissipates. It also contains essential oils, so if you are allergic or have sensitive skin that is something to keep in mind. It is white in color and does not leave a film behind when rinsed.

I rake across the jar, to get one full dollop of the balm, rub it between dry hands & then rinse. Using this balm, my face did not feel tight & dry. My first few uses I waited a few minutes, before moisturizing just to see if my skin might start to dry out but it remained the same cleansed but not stripped. I also tested it with lipstick, and it helped to easily remove it. It worked well! It does what it claims, removes makeup, sunscreen and dirt.

Overall, I have had a good experience using the balm thus far. It has treated my skin well. My first ever cleansing balm.

All Clean Balm 50ml
Gia Hammer (Perrysburg, US)
Simple, efficient and affordable balm

This product works incredibly well to remove all dirt, makeup and impurities from the skin.

It's sold in a flip-top jar, with protective seal on top that holds a small spatula to spoon out the product. The balm itself is a solid white color, that scoops up very easily out of the container - no real effort needed to chisel it out or anything! You apply this balm onto a dry skin and rub around with your fingertips to dissolve and remove any makeup, dirt, SPF or oils. It spreads smoothly and works quickly. Once your face is clear, you can wash off with water or remove with a clean, wet towel.

The product claims to remove all dirt and impurities and it holds up to this marketing! It is said to replace the need for double-cleansing and I agree that it could be used as a solo cleanser if your skin is make-up free. I would recommend using a second cleanser or at least going over the eyelids/lashes with an eye makeup remover to ensure no debris is left behind in the lashes.

My experience with this balm has been nothing but positive. I use it to as a first cleanser to prepare my face for cleaning and the rest of my routine.

This balm does not leave any greasy feeling or residues behind on the skin. Instead, it leaves behind VERY clean skin that is refreshed and radiant. I don't notice any strong or unpleasant fragrances and I can only describe the scent from this container as "clean floral." It's very subtle though.

This balm is extremely affordable and comparable to similar products out in the market today. I'll repurchase the Heimish All Clean Balm because it does exactly what it states it will do, but it leaves the skin feeling refreshed and not dry or stripped totally clean of hydration. I do follow this product up in my routine with an hydrating toner and a moisturizer, but the skin is well prepared by the All Clean balm cleanser.

All Clean Balm 120ml
Beatriz Moreira (Anaheim, US)
must have!

This is my first cleansing balm so I have nothing else to compare it to but it works wonders! All my makeup & sunscreen came off leaving my skin feeling & looking so clean! Melts very easily, so easy to work with, & doesn’t get into your eyes!

All Clean Balm 120ml
Anna (Winston-Salem, US)
Great makeup remover

Gently removes all makeup easily and effectively. Much more affordable than other cleansing balms and has a nice scent as well. Very happy with it(:

All Clean Balm 120ml
sue rogers (Birmingham, US)

repeat customer; fantastic cleanser

All Clean Balm 120ml
Anonymous (Round Rock, US)
Heimish All Clean Balm

This cleansing balm has an excellent, sweet, and soothing fragrance. The consistency is a smooth white, that melts into hands and turns into an oil almost instantly. Then emulsifies into a milky white consistency. It easily removes even stubborn makeup. Overall, really have enjoyed this product and this was my third time purchasing.

Black Tea Wash-Off Mask 110ml
Anonymous (Round Rock, US)
Black Tea Wash-Off Mask

The mask is clear/cream in color with a fluffy light consistency. It smooths over face without much product needed, has a light floral scent (really enjoyed) and brings a coolness to your face. Very relaxing and calming and made my skin feel smooth after washing off the mask. I tried this from a sample I received from a previous purchase

All Clean Balm 120ml
Toni Garcia (Modesto, US)
All Clean Glow

I love this balm. It makes my skin glow AND moisturizes. I have really sensitive skin that makes parts on my nose and forehead very dry after using foundation
and this helps alleviate the dry flakiness while cleaning my skin. It also takes off makeup really well. I was very surprised by this balm and will gladly continue to use it. It's amazing!

All Clean Set
Anonymous (Phoenix, US)
Perfect set!

This set is ideal. The all clean cleansing balm is my favorite product so getting two full sized ones is extremely convenient. That plus having all the additional travel products means I’m covered when I travel as well without having to bring the big jar. Can’t recommend this enough!